Fatal Target Shooter- 2019 Overlook Shooting Game

Extremely stunning FPS action sniper game
Exquisite sniper rifle and your superior assassination, the enemy will escape nowhere!
Kill everything NOW!

Game features:
 The game scene is rich and realistic:
With a rich storyline, each story has a corresponding feature scene, complete different scene tasks, get more rewards!
 There are countless deadly powerful weapons in the game waiting for you to choose:
Sniper rifles, pistols, rifles, submachine guns, and ammunition guns waiting for you to come!
 There are hundreds of exciting missions here.
Forget the boring low-level games and here are puzzles for each task. Can you solve the puzzle in limited time? Find targets and kill them all!
 Various game modes:
There are single-point spike missions, blocking missions and repression missions. Choose your favorite mode to play the game!
 Gameplay:
The right hand controls the aiming. The left hand controls the shooting. Use your combat strategy to kill the corresponding target and complete the mission.Download Fatal Target Shooter- 2019 Overlook Shooting Game for free
Free download Fatal Target Shooter- 2019 Overlook Shooting Game :