Miner Outpost 3D

“We are here on this unnamed planet. Scout’s squad deployed five outposts in the valley of dried river. There are (as they said) the densest and most available deposits of ore there.
On a first day I thought what our mission will be a piece of cake. We have just set up ore detectors, extractors and some autocannons on the outer perimeter. The noise of our actions attracted some aboriginal creatures. They were such ugly! Creatures tried to cross protected perimeter, but were quickly stopped by autocannons and mines.
The night passed without any accidents. However, on a second day it was like hell…”

1st rank ore exploring engineer Nicolas Van Lane

Tense and exciting action. There are five levels with two days in each one. Your task is to detect and extract as much ore as possible. Your presence is very unwelcome for various local creatures, which lives there. So you have to be prepared for constant attacks on outpost.

You can build any additional equipment using extracted ore: mines, autocannons, heavy laser unit, MRLS, generators etc…

“…on an 8th day appeared huge thing near our outpost. Monster smashed everything on its way. It could have gotten us, but we called orbital laser strike. It is very powerful and expensive tool. If it goes that way, we are left empty-handed”.

1st rank ore exploring engineer Nicolas Van Lane

You can sell extracted ore and get in-game currency (credits). You can use credits to hire engineers or buy special tools: orbital laser or missile strike.Download Miner Outpost 3D for free
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