Mobile Conquest: World War II

With the strategy of battle planning, the thrill of an aerial dogfight, or intense camaraderie experienced by a band of brothers, “Mobile Conquest: World War II” will puts you right in the middle of the fictional universe of World War II.
In this strategy game, generals from Churchill to Eisenhower, from Stalin to Patton, are tempered in the furnace of battle, orchestrate the most titanic armed struggles, lead to the cut-and-thrust of mechanized warfare. You’ll develop technology, build and outfit armies, control forces on land, sea, and air, and launch invasions that will change the tide of the war. Construct a mighty empire that will make all who observe it quake with fear and envy. The choices and consequences are yours to make. Will your lands be victorious or fall into obscurity?

✪ Build historical WW2 tanks and aircraft
✪ Compete with enemy and allied generals
✪ Secure your battle troops and war heroes
✪ Auto-farming combat to gain resources
✪ Recruit and upgrade your war heroes and general with legendary skills
✪ Defend the honor of your country against your enemies
✪ Develop your base, research military technologies and get involved in the world warfare

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