Mr.Neighbor : new skills in the house

Use binoculars and watch your neighbor game from your own window!

Make your way to the neighbor’s house and look for valuable clues and other evidence of atrocities!

Never get into a neighbor’s eyes, otherwise the game will end for you!
Pick up the keys to puzzles and look for secret rooms!

Try to understand the nightmarish events that occur in the basement of your sinister neighbor! In this mystical thriller you have to arrange surveillance for the neighbor’s dwelling, trying to understand what kind of nightmares the hello, neighbor is doing! But be on the alert – he is an extremely unpredictable person, so in any case, do not get caught in his eyes during his observations, otherwise you will not get better! Reconsider the fear and get to the truth!

You must:
with the onset of night the neighbor becomes even faster and smarter!
added new items for espionage
expanded inventory

Dwelling on the contrary is a dark and old building, however, excellently equipped technically – every corner of the courtyard of which is filled with video cameras, monitors and automatic traps. Obviously, the neighbors is a very mysterious person, who hides something in his house that is very undesirable to show to other people. This is confirmed by one terrible and dark night when he drags out of his house some kind of bundle, similar to the human body. It becomes clear – something sinister is happening, and you can not stay away!
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